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Episode 6 – Killing Your Ego

There’s a fine line between confidence and ego, but the differences are obvious if you look for ’em. We sit down and chat about ego and confidence in the tattoo industry, including how to develop more confidence and keep your own ego in check. Eat this humble pie!

Episode 5 – Justin’s Interview

Our videographer interviewed Justin last week, and he was kind enough to provide the audio for the podcast, because the material was that awesome. Justin likes to talk, but it’s a good talk – learn about Justin’s tattooing history, why we’ve built The Murder the way we have, how much he hated Josh, and how…

Episode 4 – Shop Talk

In episode 4 we start off with a topic in mind…then it goes out the window! We covered topics ranging from extra-curricular activities for artists to our thoughts on social justice and social acceptance. It’s a storm of a conversation, but well-worth the listen! Make sure you leave us a 5-star review! Check out the…

Episode 3 – The Murder Book Club

In this episode we discuss a bunch of random stuff involving BOOKS – and cannibalism. You’ll just have to listen to find out what we mean! Justin was tattooing Cassie during this podcast, so the audio is a bit wonky, but still fun to listen to. In less than 40 minutes we discuss over 28…

Episode 02 – Marketing Gimmicks in the Tattoo Industry

In the second episode of The Murder Tapes, Justin and the guys discuss some of the common marketing gimmicks in the tattoo industry – like Friday the 13th Sales and Tap-Out Sessions. Topics end up ranging from marketing ethics, our own marketing process, how to make clients feel special, and the possible beginnings of The…

Episode 01 – Introducing The Crew

In the first episode of The Murder Tapes, we wanted to introduce the crew to everyone and discuss how we’ve grown.